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P.O. Box 20
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The Netherlands

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4671 VA Dinteloord
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)76 530 3333

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Production site:
Borchwerf 3
4704 RG Roosendaal
The Netherlands
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Structuring numerous applications with Betafib® MCF,
our novel and patented natural rheology modifier


Cosun Biobased Products

Cosun Biobased Products offers biobased solutions. Our activities range from development to manufacturing and supply of biobased functional chemicals. The backward integration results in direct access to our raw materials. This security of supply is only one of the aspects we bring into partnerships.

Our biobased solutions

Cosun Biobased Products is well placed to take advantage of the upcoming biobased economy with a consistent strategy and the development  of  innovative  biobased  chemicals  and  materials  from  renewable,  vegetable  resources.  This is  achieved  by  ensuring  that optimal  value  creation is realised, no waste is produced (closed loops) and the lowest energy input is achieved.

The development of biobased solutions for various markets  is an ongoing process.

Our present portfolio of products includes:

  • Carboxyline ® CMI (Carboxy Methyl Inulin), a green antiscalant for various industries;
  • Betafib ® MCF, natural fibers used in many different industrial products;
  • QUATIN ® (Cationic Inulin);
  • Betawell ® special sugars, for application in cosmetic and personal care products;
  • Betawell ® organic acids;
  • Biobased chemical building blocks, e.g. furane di-carboxylic acid;
  • Biobased plasticizers.
Royal Cosun is a strong believer in the biobased economy and this is driving the development of biobased solutions also at the other business groups of Cosun. Currently available to the market place are bio-methane, bio-ethanol, starch derivatives, fermentable sugars and horticulture solutions. Interested in one or more biobased solutions? For more information, please contact us through the contact page and describe your specific field(s) of interest, so we can provide you with the information you are looking for.

Royal Cosun is leading EU biobased joint venture
In the second half of 2015 seven project partners launched a new Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking demonstration project entitled PULP2VALUE in Roosendaal, The Netherlands. Royal Cosun has the lead in this international project which will last the next four years.
The project aims to demonstrate an integrated and cost-effective cascading biorefinery system to refine sugar beet pulp and isolate high value components. These components are designed for applications in an extensive range of end products including detergents, paints, coatings and composites. But also for applications in the personal care, oil and gas industry.
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Our vision

The biobased economy is offering new opportunities for innovative products and new business concepts. Cosun Biobased Products aims to maximise these opportunities with respect for the optimal balance between people, planet and profit. In our view this can be achieved by offering solutions  that  improve  the  quality of  products (people), are friendly to the environment (planet) and create added value (profit).

In order to be a successful player in the biobased economy several strategic aspects are of importance:

• Focus on high value products and 100% utilisation of raw materials;
• Continuous investment in research and development;
• Strategic partnerships throughout the whole value chain.

Who are we?
Cosun Biobased Products develops, manufactures and markets plant derived products for non-food applications. We dedicate ourselves to the biobased economy and generate focus, synergy and critical mass. This enables the successful development of technology and business.
Cosun Biobased Products is part of Royal Cosun with our head office in the Netherlands.